Jason Locke

Jason Locke is a renowned tattoo artist in Toronto and worked at the popular Lower East Side Tattoo studio and is quickly becoming a popular St. John's tattoo artist since opening Dragonfly Tattoos in St. John's.  From the moment he was 18 and had his first tattoo in St John's he knew he would become a tattoo artist. Jason decided to become a tattoo artist because of the atmosphere and the ability to work with clients to give the best tattoo and tattoo experince. Jason is a maticulous tattoo artist, making sure every last detail is just as you requested.  

Jason has been working as a tattoo artist and piercer since 2001 and has honed his tattoo skills and worked with some of the best tattoo artisits in all of Canada. Jason is a versatile tatoo artisit and is comfortable in every area of tattooing.

Dragonfly Tattoos provides professional tattooing, offering a fully disposable setup every time.  Dragonfly tattoo is committed to providing the highest industry sanitary standards possible and have standards on par with Ontario tattooing Regulations.

All piercing tools and jewelry are sanitized in an autoclave, which itself is subjected to regular spore testing to ensure the highest possible sanitary standard is being met.


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